Handmade hats

Everything I do to create your Fedora hat, from blocking over sewing and sewing in each trimming to shaping it, is completely done by hand. The best materials and the knowledge of processes of hatmaking mostly forgotten today ensure the high quality for this premium product.

Why adVintage?

  • 100% best quality portuguese beaver felt
  • handblocked and wet-ironed for max endurance
  • in-felt waterproofing / not sprayed on
  • back-sewn sweatbands for invisible seams
  • all handmade for max possible customizations


Custom Bespoke Fedora Hut Hat  Custom Fedora

Indiana Jones Streets of Cairo Fedora Hut Hat 10Streets of Cairo Fedora / SoC Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Fedora Hut Hat 14Raider Fedora / RotlA Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Fedora Hut Hat 16Temple Fedora / ToD
 Last Crusade Fedora Hut Hat Indiana Jones Hut 2 Crusader Fedora / LC  Kingdom Fedora / KotCS  Clipper Fedora Hut Hat smoke grey Indiana Jones wide ribbon front Clipper Fedora / Travel