Streets of Cairo / SoC

Indiana Jones Streets of Cairo Fedora Hut Hat 10

The Streets of Cairo Fedora is the most famous and most distinctive Indy hat for sure. We have done everything to make our version look as screen accurate as possible. The Streets of Cairo fedora has a perfect Indy Raiders Turn, a Muffin shaped crown and an askew ribbon, which is not fixed with stiches (like in the movie), but holds its position, because its sewn on very tightly. We are very proud that we created one on the most screen accurate replicas of the Streets of Cairo Fedora.

Why adVintage?

  • 100% best quality portuguese beaver felt
  • handblocked and wet-ironed for max endurance
  • in-felt waterproofing / not sprayed on
  • back-sewn sweatbands for invisible seams
  • all handmade for max possible customizations

What customizations are possible?
Different felt colours (all 100% beaver felt), brim widths, crown heights, ribbons in different widths and colours, hat lining colours, brim finishes and so on. Please contact me for an offer. Felt and ribbon samples by letter upon request.

Everything we do to create your Fedora hat, from blocking over sewing and sewing in each trimming to shaping it, is completely done by hand. For this reason the this Fedora is made to order exclusivly for you.

This fedora will be handmade for you by me on order. The delivery time consists of waiting time (other orders ahead), production (about 10 days) and shipping (Germany about 3 days, Europe about 4-7 days, other countries about 20-30 Days).

This hat can be made in the sizes 53cm to 62cm.

Please read our FAQ regarding hat care.

Please see details, prices and order opportunity at my Shop.

Indiana Jones Streets of Cairo Fedora Hut Hat 11

Indiana Jones Streets of Cairo Fedora Hut Hat 12Indiana Jones Streets of Cairo Fedora Hut Hat 13Farbkarte 100% Biberfilz Color Chart 100% beaver felt 100x biberHerren Hutband Grosgrain Ribbon Men farbenHutfutter satin farben  hat lining liner colour

6 thoughts on “Streets of Cairo / SoC

    1. Both sable and light-sable have the red tone in them. It looks different because of the light conditions in the different film scenes. The raven bar scene is dark with yellow, orange and red fire lights, that’s why the felt reflects mostly red tones. Here’s a sample of my “light-sable” felt that shows the different colours (different light from left and right):

      1. Hi Tony,

        yes, of course, no problem. Simply add “without turn” to the comments section of your order or send me an email.
        Best regards

  1. Is the felt as floppy as shown in the streets of Cairo scene in the film? Also, are the square color sample pictures below the circular ones the ribbon color options? Lastly, which felt color would most correspond to a moonstone grey felt?

    1. If you want that, of course 😉 The stiffness / floppyness of the fedora can be chosen by the customer.
      Yes, these are the ribbon colors.
      Moonstone would be my stone-grey, I guess.
      Best regards

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