The Conformateur

I’m very proud to announce a new era of custom / bespoked Hatmaking with my “new” hat conformateur. The Conformateur (left) measures the exact head shape and head size, which can be transferred to the new hat with the help of the Formillion (right). So the hat will fit you like a glove! I have been able to buy the Conformateur from an antique dealer from the Netherlands (thanks again Jackie!) and restored it myself. It’s about 100 years old.

So if you want to visit me, there will be no extra charge. No, you even get a cup of coffee or a glass of beer for free 😉

There is also the possibility that you send me your head shape. It’s a bit time consuming, but with the help of a cardboard and the use of scissors you can find out your own head shape. Cut a hole in the middle of the cardboard and cut in the cardboard with the scissors from the inside to the outside (there has to temain an outer edge, of yourse 😉 ). Then pull the cardboard over the head and ask a second person to fold the cardboard exactly at the head or mark it accordingly and cut it later. In the next few weeks I’ll be putting together a ” how to” with photos.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Hat Conformateur Allie Aine Maillard

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